Asbah Palladium Gold Mini Hair Trimmer

  • Rs. 4165
  • Rs. 5950
  • There are 2 methods to charge this appliance: USB charge and adaptor charge.
  • There are 3 pcs guide combs.
  • The appliance must be switched off while the guide combs is being attached or removed.

Product Description


Uplift your grooming routine with the Asbah Palladium Gold Mini Hair Trimmer – a compact and powerful tool designed to give you precise control over your hair styling. Whether you're aiming for a sleek haircut or a well-maintained beard, this trimmer offers exceptional performance and flexibility. With its advanced features and thoughtful design, achieving your desired look has never been easier.

1.  Dual Charging Options: The Asbah Palladium Gold Mini Hair Trimmer offers the convenience of two charging methods – USB and adaptor charging. This means you can power up your trimmer using your laptop, power bank, or any USB port, ensuring uninterrupted grooming even on the go. Alternatively, use the included adaptor for traditional charging.

2. Versatile Guide Combs: Enjoy precise and customizable grooming with the included 3 pieces of guide combs. These guide combs provide various cutting lengths, allowing you to experiment with different styles and effortlessly achieve consistent results.

3. Easy Attachment and Removal: For seamless grooming sessions, simply ensure the appliance is switched off when attaching or removing the guide combs. This safety feature not only protects the trimmer but also guarantees your comfort and peace of mind during your grooming routine.


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