Senses Styl'o Trimmer

  • Rs. 3600
  • Rs. 4500
  • The cover is ABS metal coated                       
  •  The bottom cover is aluminium alloy
  • Its 440 C stainless steel 
  • Over charge protection

Product Description


Experience grooming excellence with the SENSES STYL'O Trimmer, a masterfully crafted tool designed to redefine your grooming routine. Meticulously engineered with cutting-edge features, this trimmer is your ultimate companion for achieving precise and flawless results.

1. Durable Elegance: The trimmer's cover boasts a sleek and robust ABS metal coating, ensuring both style and durability go hand in hand.

2. Premium Build: Crafted for sophistication, the bottom cover is meticulously constructed from lightweight yet sturdy aluminum alloy, adding a touch of refinement to your grooming regimen.

3. Precision Blades: The trimmer's 440C stainless steel blades are engineered for impeccable cutting performance. Experience effortless trimming, shaping, and detailing with every use.

4. Overcharge Protection: Your convenience and safety are paramount. Equipped with overcharge protection, the SENSES STYL'O Trimmer guarantees extended battery life while safeguarding against overcharging.

Item Weight

350 Grams


SENSES Life Implements

Power Source

Battery Powered



Special Feature

Heavy-Duty Low Noise Motor of 6000 rpm, Corded and Cordless Use, 5 Hours Battery Backup

Blade Material

Stainless Steel

Target Audience


Batteries Required?



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