Wahl Senior Trimmer

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  • The WAHL Cordless Senior Hair Clipper, the 'beast' among the wireless hair clippers.
  • The Wahl Cordless Senior Clipper is equipped with the most powerful engine of all wireless hair clippers and generates a higher cutting speed and cutting capacity of 6,500rpm. 
  • The adjustable chrome cutting blade is ideal for creating a fade. Due to the flat bottom on the cutting blade, a shorter cutting length is achieved.
  • The Lithium-ion battery provides more power and a longer durability

Product Description


Experience the ultimate in wireless hair grooming with the WAHL Cordless Senior Hair Clipper, fondly known as the 'beast' of hair clippers. Engineered to redefine cutting standards, this clipper stands as a testament to unmatched performance and innovation. Let's delve into its remarkable features:

1. Unbridled Power: At the heart of the Cordless Senior Clipper lies an unparalleled powerhouse of an engine. With a cutting speed and capacity reaching an impressive 6,500rpm, this clipper effortlessly tackles even the thickest hair with precision and ease.

2. Masterful Fade Creation: The adjustable chrome cutting blade emerges as the artist's tool for crafting seamless fades. Its design, including a flat bottom, facilitates shorter cutting lengths, allowing for intricate fade designs that stand out.

3. Enduring Performance: Powered by a robust Lithium-ion battery, this clipper goes the extra mile in delivering extended usage on a single charge. Say goodbye to interruptions during grooming sessions and embrace continuous, uninterrupted performance.

4. Longevity Redefined: The Lithium-ion battery not only provides ample power but also boasts exceptional durability. This ensures that your Cordless Senior Clipper remains a trusted grooming companion for the long haul.

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0.36 Kilograms



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Item Dimensions LxWxH

45 x 58 x 190 Millimeters

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