Biosoft wax Heater Single

  • Rs. 3375
  • Rs. 3750
  • Wax heater has 6 temperature settings and the wax gets heated up in just 20 minutes.
  • You have to swipe it and rip it. It is as easy as I say.
  • A well thought and designed piece.

Product Description


Introducing the BIOSOFT Wax Heater Single, a must-have for seamless and effortless waxing experiences. This thoughtfully designed wax heater offers exceptional features to enhance your waxing routine.

  1. Rapid Heating: Experience quick and efficient waxing with 6 temperature settings that allow the wax to reach the ideal consistency in just 20 minutes.

  2. Easy Application: Simplify your waxing process with a user-friendly design. Just swipe and rip for a hassle-free and effective hair removal experience.

  3. Intelligent Design: The BIOSOFT Wax Heater Single is crafted with careful consideration, ensuring a well-thought-out piece that seamlessly integrates into your waxing setup.


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