Gentlemen Hair Wash Chair

  • Rs. 63000
  • Rs. 105000
  • Ergonomically designed electric seating that converts into a flat bed 
  • Laid back design for comfortable seating posture and perfect lumber support 
  • Padded seat & sides with high -density foam
  • Adjustable ceramic basin available with shower, mixer, drainage & waste pipe 
  • Electrically adjustable leg lift -optional
  • Upholstery can be pre -ordered in desired color

                                    Taxes & Freight Extra Charge 

Product Description


Introducing the GENTLEMEN HAIR WASH CHAIR: providing top-notch comfort and functionality for your clients. Experience the convenience of this multi-functional chair and create a luxurious environment that leaves a lasting impression on your clientele.

1. Ergonomically Designed: This electric seating is thoughtfully designed with ergonomics in mind, seamlessly converting into a comfortable flat bed for hair washing and other treatments.

2. Laid Back Design: Experience the utmost comfort with the laid-back design, ensuring a relaxed seating posture and providing perfect lumbar support.

3. Padded Seat & Sides: Enjoy the luxurious feel of the padded seat and sides, enhanced with high-density foam for ultimate comfort during salon sessions.

4. Adjustable Ceramic Basin: The chair comes with an adjustable ceramic basin equipped with essential features like a shower, mixer, drainage, and waste pipe, ensuring a hassle-free hair washing experience.

5. Electrically Adjustable Leg Lift (Optional): For added convenience, you have the option of an electrically adjustable leg lift, catering to individual comfort preferences.

6. Customizable Upholstery: Pre-order the chair with upholstery in your desired color, ensuring it seamlessly blends with your salon's decor and branding.









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