Multi Purpose Ayurveda Bed

  • Rs. 91000
  • Rs. 130000
  • Multipurpose Ayurveda treatment bed suitable for both oil and dry massages.
  • The top mattress is removable and can be removed from the bed and kept on the floor for dry floor massages or can be used during shirodhara treatment also.
  • You can detach the cushioned headrest and insert the wooden headrest for shirodhara.
  • During oil massage the mattress can be removed and the frame structure is and headrest are solid wood.
  • We have used boiling waterproof plywood underneath the mattress to make it suitable for oil massage.
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Product Description


Looking for a versatile Ayurveda treatment bed that can be used for both oil and dry massages? Look no further than our Multipurpose Ayurveda Bed! This bed is made with high-quality materials and features a removable mattress that can be used on the floor or during Shirodhara treatment. The solid wood frame and headrest provide durability and comfort, while the boiling waterproof plywood underneath the mattress makes it suitable for oil massage.

1. Multipurpose: Can be used for both oil and dry massages. The bed comes with two headrests, one for dry massages and one for Shirodhara treatment.

2. Removable mattress: Easily customize the bed for your needs, The mattress is filled with high-quality foam for a comfortable and relaxing experience. Which makes it easy to clean and maintain

3. Solid wood frame and headrest: Durable and long-lasting and the bed is adjustable in height, so you can find the perfect position for your massage.

4. Boiling waterproof plywood mattress: Suitable for oil massages





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