• Shirodhara Massage Bed is multipurpose treatment bed suitable for both oil & dry massages.
  • The top mattress is detachable and can be removed from the bed and kept on the floor for dry floor massages or stretching exercises. Crafted from solid teak wood this massage table is supplied with lot accessories that are used in massage therapies.
  • The accessories include a wooden step to get on/off the bed for old and overweight clients, two bolsters, two brass bowls for oil pouring and oil collection purpose, a detachable wooden drawer, detachable wooden tray, a cushioned wooden headrest and wooden part to incline the backrest.
  • This massage bed has manually adjustable height.
  • Rounded corner top cushion for easy movement during massage therapy.
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Product Description


Introducing the Shirodhara Massage Bed – Your Ultimate Multipurpose Treatment Solution

Unlock a world of relaxation and wellness with our Shirodhara Massage Bed, a versatile treatment bed designed to elevate your massage experience. Crafted with precision from solid teak wood, this massage table offers the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Whether you're a professional therapist or simply seeking the ultimate relaxation at home, the Shirodhara Massage Bed is your ideal companion.

1. Multipurpose Design: This massage bed is your all-in-one solution, suitable for both oil and dry massages. Experience the soothing touch of oil massages or utilize the detachable top mattress for dry floor massages and stretching exercises.

2. Complete Accessories Package: We've thought of everything. Your Shirodhara Massage Bed comes with a comprehensive set of accessories, including:

  • A wooden step for easy access, ensuring comfort for clients of all ages and sizes.

  • Two bolsters for added support during massages.

  • Two brass bowls for precise oil pouring and efficient oil collection.

  • A detachable wooden drawer and tray for convenient storage of essentials.

  • A cushioned wooden headrest for the ultimate in client comfort.

  • A wooden part to adjust the backrest according to your preference.

3. Manual Height Adjustment: Tailor your massage experience with ease. This massage bed features a manual height adjustment mechanism, allowing you to find the perfect working height for your treatments.

4. Rounded Corner Top Cushion: Say goodbye to awkward adjustments during massage therapy. The rounded corner top cushion enhances the fluidity of your movements, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted massages.


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Table Width

28 Inches

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Made in India

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