Back Massage Chair

  • Rs. 14400
  • Rs. 18000
  • The salon massage chair is fully adjustable 
  • Comes with a removable head & chest rest, armrest & seat.
  • High-density foam cushion.
  • The salon furniture can be used for physiotherapy, orthopedics, natural therapy, massage, and Sports centres.
  • This is best suited for back, neck, and arms massage treatment.
  • This salon chair can also be used for Tattoo art for the back and arms.

         Exclusive of taxes & freight charges

Product Description


Experience the epitome of comfort and wellness with our Back Massage Chair, designed to cater to your relaxation needs while seamlessly blending with various therapeutic practices. Crafted with precision and innovation, this chair is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a gateway to revitalization. Whether you seek relief from muscle tension, a soothing massage, or a comfortable surface for various treatments, our Back Massage Chair is here to redefine your relaxation experience.

1. Full Adjustability: Our Back Massage Chair is designed with your comfort in mind. Enjoy a customizable seating experience as you can easily adjust the chair's position to find your perfect angle.

2. Removable Head & Chest Rest: Your comfort matters, which is why we provide a removable head and chest rest. This feature ensures that you can adapt the chair to your preferences, enhancing your relaxation sessions.

3. Complete Armrest & Seat: Indulge in relaxation as the chair comes equipped with armrests and a comfortable seat, allowing you to unwind fully while receiving treatments or simply enjoying a moment of tranquility.

4. High-Density Foam Cushion: Sink into the plush embrace of high-density foam cushioning, offering unparalleled comfort and support. Experience a luxurious seating arrangement that molds to your body's contours.

5. Versatile Utility: Our Back Massage Chair is a versatile addition to any setting. It's not limited to massages alone; it's perfect for physiotherapy, orthopedic consultations, natural therapy sessions, sports centers, and more.

6. Targeted Massage Treatment: Engineered with precision, this chair excels in delivering focused back, neck, and arm massages. Experience relief from muscle knots and stress as the chair's design complements various massage techniques.

7. Ideal for Tattoo Art: The innovation doesn't stop at wellness; our Back Massage Chair is also a canvas for artistic expression. If you're a tattoo artist specializing in back and arm designs, our chair provides a comfortable platform for both you and your clients.







Load Capacity

Up To 150 Kg

Seat Material

PU Leather


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