Breeza Hair Wash Chair

  • Comfortable Smooth-back design.
  • Hair Wash Chair can adjust to reclining position for shampooing with basin.
  • Our salon chair features sleek styling and a smooth-back design that complements any salon and spa environment.
  • The comfortable smooth - back design with stylish molded arms provides excellent client comfort.
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Product Description


Introducing the BREEZA HAIR WASH CHAIR:  Its comfortable smooth-back design, adjustable reclining position, sleek styling, and molded arms make it an ideal choice for any salon or spa. Treat your clients to a luxurious and relaxing hair wash experience they will love.

1. Comfortable Smooth-back Design: Experience ultimate comfort with the BREEZA HAIR WASH CHAIR's smooth-back design. It provides optimal support and relaxation for clients during their hair wash sessions.

2. Reclining Position: This hair wash chair can easily adjust to a reclining position, allowing for convenient shampooing with a basin. Clients can lean back and enjoy a soothing and comfortable hair wash experience.

3. Sleek Styling: Our salon chair features sleek styling that adds a touch of elegance to any salon or spa environment. The modern design seamlessly integrates with various salon décors, creating a sophisticated ambiance.

4. Smooth-back Design with Molded Arms: The BREEZA HAIR WASH CHAIR boasts a comfortable smooth-back design, complemented by stylish molded arms. These features not only enhance the overall aesthetics but also provide excellent client comfort during hair wash sessions.




Without Footrest



Seating Capacity

1 Person

With Armrest



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