Diamond Hair Wash Chair

  • Durable fiberglass body, available in white & black.
  • Upholstery can be pre-ordered in desired color.
  • Padded foot rest for leg support.
  • Ceramic basin fitted with shower mixture & drain.
        Exclusive of taxes & freight charges 

Product Description


Introducing the Diamond Hair Wash Chair: Elevate Your Salon Experience. Designed to provide utmost comfort and convenience, this chair redefines the hair washing experience for both salon professionals and clients. Crafted with precision and care, the Diamond Hair Wash Chair combines durability, aesthetics, and innovation to offer an unparalleled salon experience.

1. Durable Fiberglass Body: The Diamond Hair Wash Chair boasts a sturdy fiberglass body that ensures long-lasting performance. Its robust construction guarantees years of reliable use, making it a wise investment for any salon owner.

2. Elegant Color Options: Available in timeless white and sleek black variants, the chair effortlessly complements any salon interior. Choose the color that aligns with your salon's ambiance and style, adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

3. Customizable Upholstery: We understand that individuality matters. That's why the Diamond Hair Wash Chair allows you to pre-order upholstery in your desired color, giving you the creative freedom to match your salon's unique design aesthetic.

4. Ultimate Leg Support: Experience comfort like never before with the padded footrest integrated into the chair's design. Clients can relax their legs during the hair wash, enhancing their overall comfort and satisfaction.

5. Advanced Ceramic Basin: The chair comes equipped with an advanced ceramic basin that's not only visually appealing but also highly functional. The basin is thoughtfully designed to accommodate a shower mixture and drain, ensuring efficient water management during hair washing sessions.


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