Glitz Hair Wash Chair(Upgrade)

  • Upgrade new model with a laid back design for comfortable seating posture with lumber support 
  • Extra cushion soft seat with PU side handle
  • Durable ceramic basin available with shower, mixer, drainage & waste pipe  
  • Upholstery can be pre-ordered in desired color 

                            Taxes & Freight Extra Charges 

Product Description


Introducing the GLITZ HAIR WASH CHAIR (UPGRADE): Enjoy the comfort of the laid-back design, the convenience of the extra cushioned seat, and the durability of the ceramic basin. With customizable upholstery options, you can create a salon environment that reflects your unique style. Elevate your clients' satisfaction and enhance your salon's ambiance with this premium hair wash chair.

1. Upgraded Design: Experience the new model of the GLITZ HAIR WASH CHAIR, featuring a laid-back design that ensures a comfortable seating posture with lumbar support. Say goodbye to discomfort during hair washes.

2. Extra Cushion Soft Seat: Enjoy the luxury of an extra cushioned soft seat, providing optimal comfort for your clients. The PU side handle adds a touch of convenience and ease of use.

3. Durable Ceramic Basin: The GLITZ HAIR WASH CHAIR comes equipped with a durable ceramic basin, complete with a shower, mixer, drainage, and waste pipe. Experience seamless functionality and efficiency during hair washes.

4. Customizable Upholstery: Personalize your salon space with the GLITZ HAIR WASH CHAIR. The upholstery can be pre-ordered in your desired color, allowing you to match it perfectly with your salon's aesthetic.




Wood, Stainless Steel, Ceramic, Leatherette


38" (inches)

Chair Stand Material

Stainless Steel, Wood, Leatherette, Ceramic


L 23" x W 24" x H 32"/37" (inches)


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