Lotto Hair Wash Chair

  • Lotto hair wash has durable fiber glass body, available in white and black.
  • It is soft padded seat with wooden handles.
  • It has ceramic basin fitted with shower, mixture and drain.
  • Hair wash has adjustable ceramic basin, available in black and white.
  • It also has padded foot rest for leg support.
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Product Description


Introducing the Lotto Hair Wash Chair: Ultimate Comfort and Functionality, meticulously designed for both comfort and efficiency. Crafted with a durable fiberglass body, this chair offers a blend of style, convenience, and relaxation. Available in sleek black and pristine white, it seamlessly complements any salon aesthetic.

Features of the Lotto Hair Wash Chair:

1. Durable Fiberglass Build: The Lotto Hair Wash Chair boasts a robust fiberglass body, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

2. Elegant Color Choices: Available in both classic white and sophisticated black, this chair effortlessly matches your salon's decor and ambiance.

3. Comfortable Seating: Experience luxury in every wash with a soft padded seat that envelops you in comfort.

4. Wooden Handles: The chair is equipped with wooden handles, adding a touch of elegance while ensuring ease of use.

5. Efficient Ceramic Basin: Featuring a ceramic basin with integrated shower, mixer, and drain, the Lotto Hair Wash Chair streamlines the hair washing process.

6. Adjustable Basin: The chair's adjustable ceramic basin accommodates different client needs, offering personalized comfort.

7. Stylish Basin Options: Choose between sleek black and pristine white ceramic basins to match your salon's theme.

8. Padded Foot Rest: Enjoy enhanced comfort during the hair wash, thanks to the padded foot rest that provides optimal leg support.


Hiar Salon, Barber Shop, Make-up Studio




Without Footrest


L 48'' x W 30'' x H 39'' (inches)


Laid back design for more comfort, Extra cushion soft seat with PU side handle,


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