Toronto Hair Wash Chair

  • Shampoo Chair designed for comfortable seating & perfect lumbar support.
  • The ceramic basin has a spot-free glazing finish.
  • The hair chair contains contour for neck support.  
  • The salon chair is fitted on an adjustable/titling metal plate to adjust according to the height of the client.
  • All sanitary fittings available - handheld shower, hot & cold mixture, drain pop up with drain pipe
  • Hot & cold water inlet supplies & Provision to fix them on the floor.
  • Upholstery can be pre-ordered in the desired color.
        Exclusive of taxes & freight charges

Product Description


Introducing the TORONTO HAIR WASH CHAIR: Upgrade your salon and offer your clients a luxurious and comfortable hair wash experience. With its impeccable design, adjustable features, and complete sanitary fittings, this chair is a perfect addition to any salon.

1. Comfortable Seating: Our shampoo chair is thoughtfully designed for comfortable seating, ensuring your clients feel relaxed during their hair wash experience.

2. Perfect Lumbar Support: The chair provides excellent lumbar support, reducing strain and discomfort for both the client and the stylist.

3. Spot-Free Glazing Finish: The ceramic basin comes with a spot-free glazing finish, making it easy to clean and maintain its pristine look.

4. Neck Support Contour: Your clients will love the neck support contour, adding an extra level of comfort during the hair wash.

5. Adjustable Metal Plate: The salon chair is fitted on an adjustable and titling metal plate, allowing you to adjust the chair's height based on your client's needs.

6. Complete Sanitary Fittings: Equipped with all necessary sanitary fittings including a handheld shower, hot & cold mixture, and drain pop up with drain pipe.

7. Hot & Cold Water Inlet: The chair has provisions to fix hot & cold water inlets on the floor, providing easy access for a pleasant hair wash experience.

8. Customizable Upholstery: You can pre-order the upholstery in your desired color, adding a touch of personalization to match your salon's decor.






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