Anagh Pedicure Sofa

  • Rs. 104000
  • Rs. 130000
  • Anagh Pedicure Spa Chair is a luxury design pedicure foot spa that can also be used for foot reflexology treatments.
  • Some of the important features of this pedicure chair include – Electric Seat adjustment, electric backrest adjustment, pipe less hydro-massage function in basin, moveable armrest makes it easy for the client to get on and off the pedicure chair, adjustable feet rest, seven color changing LED light for color therapy during pedicure, drain function inside the pedicure tub can be operated from outside, foldable armrests for manicure, stool for foot massage ( the stool will overlap the pedicure basin) after pedicure.
  • The basic structure of the pedicure unit is metal frame structure, natural wood/wood-veneer, quartz marble top and acrylic basin.
  • This pedicure chair comes with complete sanitary fittings – hot & cold mixer, air pressure regulator, air on/off switch and handheld shower. We can offer this product in 110/230V.
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Product Description


Introducing the Anagh Pedicure Sofa: Where Luxury Meets Relaxation. This exquisitely designed pedicure foot spa doubles as a haven for foot reflexology treatments, bringing indulgence and wellness together in one exceptional piece.

Features of the Anagh Pedicure Sofa:

1. Electric Seat and Backrest Adjustment: Tailor the seating experience to perfection with effortless electric seat and backrest adjustments, ensuring optimal comfort for your clients throughout their treatment.

2. Pipeless Hydro-Massage Function: Immerse your clients in a soothing hydro-massage experience with the advanced pipeless system integrated into the basin. Relaxation reaches new heights as the stresses of the day melt away.

3. Movable Armrest and Adjustable Footrest: Transitioning on and off the pedicure chair is a breeze, thanks to the ingeniously designed movable armrest. Plus, the adjustable footrest accommodates clients of all sizes for a tailored experience.

4. Seven Color Changing LED Lights: Elevate your pedicure sessions with color therapy. The seven-color changing LED light enhances the ambiance and adds a touch of serenity to the atmosphere, enhancing the overall relaxation.

5. Drain Function and Foldable Armrests: Practicality meets sophistication with the exterior-operated drain function inside the pedicure tub. Foldable armrests provide added convenience and versatility, making room for manicure services.

6. Premium Build and Materials: Crafted with precision, the Anagh Pedicure Sofa features a robust metal frame structure, complemented by natural wood or wood-veneer accents, and a luxurious quartz marble top. The acrylic basin adds a touch of elegance to the design.

7. Complete Sanitary Fittings: Your clients' well-being is paramount. The pedicure chair comes equipped with essential sanitary fittings, including a hot and cold mixer, an air pressure regulator, an air on/off switch, and a handheld shower for an impeccable hygiene standard.

8. Global Voltage Compatibility: We understand the diverse needs of our clientele. The Anagh Pedicure Sofa is available in both 110V and 230V variants, ensuring seamless integration into your spa's infrastructure.




With Footrest



With Armrest


Seating Capacity

1 Person


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