Pedicure Spa 3

  • This Portable Spa Pedicure Tub is an excellent choice to provide comfort and quality treatment.
  • The compact salon product is ideal for salons & spas that have a space crunch.
  • The pedicure tub has a classy design & is loaded with the features of a professional pedicure spa tub.
  • It works on pipeless technology to an impressive hydro massage with very low noise.
  • There are seven color-changing lamps fitted inside the pedicure spa tub to give soothing color therapy effect during a pedicure treatment.
  • Get this pedicure tub online from the expert salon products and beauty parlour products suppliers in Bangalore. 
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Product Description


Introducing PEDICURE SPA 3: Upgrade Your Pedicure Experience. Crafted to deliver unparalleled comfort and top-notch treatment quality, this Portable Spa Pedicure Tub is your go-to solution for creating a luxurious spa experience at any location. Whether you're running a salon or spa, space constraints are no longer an issue, thanks to its compact design that maximizes utility even in limited spaces.

1. Compact Brilliance: Designed with space optimization in mind, PEDICURE SPA 3 is perfect for salons and spas dealing with limited space. Enjoy all the benefits of a professional pedicure spa tub without compromising on space.

2. Unmatched Elegance: Combining functionality with style, this pedicure tub boasts a classy design that adds a touch of sophistication to any spa environment. Elevate your salon's ambiance effortlessly.

3. Professional Performance: PEDICURE SPA 3 is equipped with features that match the standards of a high-end professional pedicure spa. Deliver top-tier treatments to your clients and ensure they receive the pampering they deserve.

4. Whisper-Quiet Hydro Massage: Say goodbye to noisy distractions. Our pedicure tub utilizes advanced pipeless technology to provide an impressive hydro massage experience with minimal noise, allowing your clients to unwind in peace.

5. Chromotherapy Delight: Immerse your clients in a world of soothing colors. With seven color-changing lamps thoughtfully integrated into the pedicure spa tub, indulge your clients in the tranquility of color therapy during their pedicure sessions.


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