Pedicure Spa Massager 367

  • Comes with all the features of a professional pedicure spa chair like massage chair function, the seat position can be moved forward or backward through a handled remote, the massage chair backrest can be reclined or inclined, tub with 7 color changing light for light therapy & it is a pedicure spa with pipeless technology.
  • The pedicure tub is made from good quality, polished fibre glass & the wooden armrests are polished in quality finish.
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Product Description


Introducing the PEDICURE SPA MASSAGER 367: Elevate Your Pedicure Experience to Unprecedented Levels. Crafted to deliver a professional-grade pedicure spa experience, this remarkable product boasts an array of features that will redefine the way you pamper your feet. Unwind in style and luxury with its exceptional offerings:

1. Massage Chair Function: Immerse yourself in soothing comfort as the massage chair function alleviates tension and stress, leaving you feeling utterly revitalized.

2. Adjustable Seat Position: Customize your seating position effortlessly using the ergonomic handheld remote. Move the seat forward or backward to find your perfect spot.

3. Recline or Incline with Ease: The massage chair's backrest is designed for your utmost convenience. Recline or incline at your preference, ensuring optimal relaxation during your pedicure session.

4. 7 Color Changing Light Therapy: Indulge in a mesmerizing light therapy experience with the tub's 7 color-changing lights. Enhance your mood and create a tranquil ambiance as you indulge in self-care.

5. Cutting-edge Pipeless Technology: Experience hygienic luxury with our innovative pipeless technology. Say goodbye to traditional pipe systems and enjoy a cleaner, more sanitary pedicure spa.

6. Premium Fiberglass Tub: The pedicure tub is expertly crafted from high-quality, polished fiberglass, ensuring durability and a luxurious aesthetic.

7. Polished Wooden Armrests: Experience elegance at your fingertips with our finely polished wooden armrests. These add a touch of sophistication to your spa experience.



Chair Material

Genuine Leather


67 x 30 x 59 Inches

Suitable For





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