Pedicure Tub 368

  • This is compact pedicure tub that is perfect for any salon space.
  • There is a handheld shower and provision to connect to the hot & cold water supply.
  • The compact design of this pedicure tup for salon makes it hot selling for any spa or salon.
  • This salon product enables a quality Spa Pedicure procedure even for establishments with limited space.
  • The design is stylish and modern.
  • Vaibhav Stores has brought to you a few other options to consider for pedicure tubs.  
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Product Description


Introducing the PEDICURE TUB 368: Elevate Your Salon Experience, a true gem for your salon space. Crafted to perfection, this pedicure tub seamlessly combines style, functionality, and convenience to offer an unparalleled pampering experience. Let's dive into what makes this product a must-have for every spa or salon:

1. Space-Optimized Brilliance: The PEDICURE TUB 368 boasts a compact design that maximizes your salon's space utilization. Perfect for even the coziest corners, it ensures that you offer top-notch pedicure services without compromising on precious space.

2. Handheld Shower: Take control of every detail with the integrated handheld shower feature. This innovative addition allows for precise water flow, ensuring a thorough and comfortable pedicure session for your clients.

3. Hot & Cold Water Connectivity: Seamlessly connect to your salon's hot and cold water supply, providing your clients with a soothing and customizable foot soak experience. Elevate relaxation levels as you adjust water temperatures to their preference.

4. Spa-Worthy Pedicures: The PEDICURE TUB 368 empowers your salon to deliver spa-quality pedicures, regardless of limited space. Your clients will revel in the indulgent experience, and your establishment will earn a reputation for excellence.

5. Modern Aesthetics: Our pedicure tub's sleek and modern design not only complements your salon's aesthetic but also adds a touch of sophistication. Create an ambiance that speaks of elegance and professionalism.

6. More Choices Await: At Vaibhav Stores, we're committed to providing you with options that match your salon's unique needs. Explore our range of pedicure tubs and discover a world of possibilities that await your discerning selection.




SQ- 368



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