Brilliant Reclining Chair

  • Rs. 24600
  • Rs. 41000
  • The multipurpose unisex recliner chair comes with a square or round stainless steel base.
  • Polyurethane foam frame with a fiber insert.
  • Lumbar support in the back to keep back in a natural position.
  • The hydraulic Swivel pump of this salon furniture has a locking system.
  • The reclining chair has a back for more comfort.

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Product Description


Introducing the Brilliant Reclining Chair. Experience ultimate comfort and versatility with the Brilliant Reclining Chair. This multipurpose unisex chair is designed with a range of features that prioritize both functionality and relaxation. 

Let's explore the key highlights of this exceptional salon furniture:

1. Square or Round Stainless Steel Base: The Brilliant Reclining Chair is equipped with a square or round stainless steel base, providing stability and durability for long-lasting use.

2. Polyurethane Foam Frame with Fiber Insert: The chair features a sturdy polyurethane foam frame with a fiber insert, ensuring optimal comfort and support during extended periods of sitting.

3. Lumbar Support for Natural Positioning: To promote a healthy posture, the chair is designed with lumbar support in the back, keeping your spine in a natural position and reducing strain.

4. Hydraulic Swivel Pump with Locking System: The hydraulic swivel pump allows for effortless height adjustment, while the built-in locking system ensures stability and security while seated.

5. Reclining Back for Enhanced Comfort: The Brilliant Reclining Chair is designed with a reclining back feature, providing additional comfort and relaxation options for the ultimate pampering experience.





Seating Capacity

1 Person

Load Capacity

Up To 150 Kg

Seat Material

Synthetic Leather




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