• A perfect brown salon stool for your salon.
  • Soft seat cushion comfortable back support.
  • Economically priced, leather stool for beauty parlours.
  • This is one of the best utility stools for spas and salons.
  • As salon products suppliers in Bangalore. 
        Exclusive of taxes & freight charges 

Product Description


Introducing Our Comfortable Brown Salon Stool! Are you looking for the ideal addition to your salon, a piece that combines both style and comfort? Look no further! Our brown salon stool is designed to provide your salon with the perfect blend of sophistication and comfort. Crafted with utmost care, this stool is a must-have for any beauty parlour in search of a cost-effective and stylish seating solution.

  1. Soft Seat Cushion: Our salon stool features a plush, soft seat cushion that ensures the utmost comfort for your clients. They can relax in luxury while receiving your salon's services

  2. Comfortable Back Support: The ergonomic design of the stool includes comfortable back support, promoting proper posture for both your clients and staff. Say goodbye to discomfort during long styling sessions!

  3. Economical Pricing: We understand the importance of cost-effective salon equipment. That's why our leather salon stool is priced affordably, without compromising on quality.

  4. Perfect for Spas and Salons: This versatile stool is not limited to just salons; it's also an excellent addition to spas. Whether you're a salon or spa owner, you'll appreciate the convenience and style it brings to your establishment.

  5. Salon Products Suppliers in Bangalore: As trusted salon product suppliers in Bangalore, we take pride in delivering top-quality furniture and equipment to salons and spas across the city. Our brown salon stool is a testament to our commitment to excellence.


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